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Training leash


Leash loop

The sizeable loop is not intended to hurt the dog, but to make it suitable for dogs of all sizes and to keep the leash in place. The steel ring is durable and doesn't rust. The loop end is machine stitched.


Ball cord lock

The specially made ball cord lock, does not wear thru and allows the leash to be quickly donned and doff'd. The diameter of the leash helps to keep the leash in place and allows the user to make precise and gentle corrections to communicate with the dog.



The leash is made of polyamide kernmantle mountain climbing rope that does not stretch, bungie or wear easily.

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Rear loop

The back loop of the leash allows the leash to be attached to a carabiner, to which poop bags, lights or other, longer leashes can be attached to train the dog.

Kuidas kasutada treeningrihma - korrektne paigaldus ja õiged põhimõtted (subtiitritega)
Play Video

Training video

In the training video, we explain the principles of applying a training leash, as well as the mistakes that users of this type of leash often make.

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